Concrete Cleaning at Doug's Pressure Washing

Concrete CleaningHardscapes refers to the paved areas or large business complexes and housing developments. Typical small-scale hardscaping examples include brick patios, sidewalks, concrete repair and installation, concrete stamps, concrete tear outs, wooden decks, garages, driveways, stone walls, fencing, and tile paths. Doug's Pressure Washing makes sure these surfaces are spotless for you and your guests with our residential & commercial pressure washing services.

After all the years of people walking on your brick pathway, dirt has accumulated even in the tiniest holes. While your guests enjoy your recently cleaned patio/deck, why not show your outdoor living area is flawless with our concrete cleaning skills. We take out the grime from stone steps, concrete driveways and even from your sidewalk. Outdoor appearance can be very vital. Just like maintaining the inside of your house, you should make sure your outside is beautiful as well. 

We also use 200 degree hot water to clean concrete surfaces. Cold water home owner style machines can not clean a drive way the same way hot water can. Its like washing dishes cold water want cut grease it just smears it around and drive ways are no different. Hot water helps get oil lose and will get gum off side walks. Also we always vacuum up our waste water we never let it run into a storm drain.

Concrete CleaningA lot of fly by night contractors will under bid us on this because they haven't invested in the equipment to or just don't have the education to know its wrong. The mess we get up off your concrete has oil dirt and who knows what and going into the storm drains contaminants creeks and streams. Also if caught doing so under the clean water act the property owner and company doing the work can both be fined. Don't chance it hire a responsible company to clean the property right.

If you are looking for concrete cleaning or other commercial or residential pressure washing services, contact Doug's Pressure Washing today! We offer our services to the residents of Villa Rica, GA.