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We do not have a blanket price to wash your house. I cant say I can come out and give you the best house cleaning possible for a set price with out seeing it. We do houses that range from 1 story to 4 and then it depends on the stains that you have to determine how we need to clean it. But what I can do is give you a free estimate to give you the best clean possible. I want to be able to leave your property and know I did the best I can do and a blanket price is not the way.

We are going to wash your home with hot water not cold water like some contractors. Before we start, I'll examine the home and tell you what stains I see and how we can get these clean. We also have soft washing methods to clean your home some contractors haven't even heard of this and don't have the equipment to do it.

We also offer gutter cleaning. When we get done washing a house its going to be as clean as we can get it including the gutters but some gutters need one more step to get clean. Some gutter will have faint stripes on them this is a bond from the shingles to the aluminum gutters its not dirt and we have to use a special cleaner to scrub them away.

Some home owners don't care and some want this service we always give you a price for but I like to wait and see if they come clean with our house wash first. We also offer a inside the gutter cleaning . We can do this from the ground we wash all dirt grime and anything else from the inside of the gutters and wash the down spouts out.

Call us today at Doug's Pressure Washing in Villa Rica, GA and I will personally come give you a free estimate. We also offer soft washing, pressure washing and concrete cleaning services.