Roof Cleaning at Doug's Pressure Washing

When we clean your roof we use bleach, soap, and low pressure to clean it the only way recommended by shingle manufactures. If a company climbs up on your roof with a pressure washer your probably going to void the warranty of your roof.

The only way to not void the warranty is to clean it the way the shingle manufactures 
recommend and that's how we do it. We never ever use a pressure washer on your roof or scrub your roof we use soft washing methods with less than 100 psi to gently clean your roof. Those ugly black streaks on your roof are known as gleocapsa magma a wind driven algae that has landed on your roof and started eating on it. There is a limestone filler in shingles which is what the algae likes to eat and if left untreated will cut your roofs life in half. Its a fraction of the cost to clean it than replace the roof.

The roof cleaning in ways is a free service. When the streaks get bigger and bigger there making the roof darker which attracts and holds more heat and drives up cooling cost. So when you take in consideration that your cooling bill will be cheaper and your roof will last a lot longer than the cleaning pays for itself.

There are 4 reasons to clean your roof -
 Looks: Ride through a subdivision with these streaks once you notice them its all you see. Then if you want to sell your home or have it appraised which will bring you more a dirty roof or a clean one.
2. Roof life: Who is ready to spend $8000 or more earlier than they are supposed to cleaning is a small fraction of a new roof. 

3 Energy bills: Your energy bills will go down when the roof is cleaned.
4. H
ealth: Your health is the last reason. We all know living with mold and algae is bad.

Call Doug's Pressure Washing in Villa Rica, GA today and I will personally come give you a free quote for our professional roof cleaning services. We also offer soft washing, pressure washing and house washing services.